Friday, June 11, 2010

tofu onew

i really fall in love with onew.
i like his cuteness although taemin is cuter.
i like his beautiful face although jonghyun is more handsome.
i like his coolness although minho is the coolest.
i like his hardwork although key is much more.
i like his voice although jonghyun's voice sound nicer.
i like his craziness.
i like his conditions.
i like when the time he dance.
i like when the time he smile.
i like when the time he joke around.
i dont know why.
i just like whatever things he do.
he makes me smile and laugh.
he is the one and only guy that makes me happy.

your can say that i am crazy.
but i believe once you open your heart and see the things he do, it makes you happy too.
when he dance, you will just stare at him and say WOW
when he laugh, you will laugh with him too.
when he joke around, you will say omg he so cute.
when he sing, your heart is melting.
whatever things he do, it just affect you.

my friends say that onew is not handsome, not cute.
but in my heart he is n.o. 2
tofu onew FIGHTING!

your friends

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