Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today i got science and CPA paper.
i think it should be fine.
is not very hard.
manage to do most of the questions.
Tomorrow i got other 2 paper is ESB & Maths.
im ok with my maths but im not ok w my EBS.
EBS is about business
And i suck in it.
btw no worries.
everything is gonna be fine to me:D

today i went to see a doctor about my hand.
That something funny on my hand.
and the doctor say that i have to go to the skin clinic
to cut it off and the app is on 28 oct i think.

after i think of cutting my hair so.
i cut it.
is not bad
and my sister spend total 28 bucks on my hair.
sad for her.

i cant put my picture on blogger.
which i dont know
i will put it on blogger next time.
ok gotta study for tomorrow papers.


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