Saturday, October 2, 2010

brandy, my tears drops for the only you

Out of a very sudden i thinking of brandy.

she is my pet.
she leave me on 20 sep 2010.
she went to heaven.
i will spent more time on others
brandy dont worry i will not forget you.
you're always in my heart.

this song this for you.

one day, there was 4 puppys.
come to the earth.
and they are like a show
so pure, so cute.
i start to taking of them
when i was pri 3.
so i..
feed them, spent time with them,
play with them when i bored.
hug them when i cry.
sleep with them when i tired.

and now
one of them leave me
do you i can
take it
she went heaven
she leaving me alone.
and now.
i cant have the chance to
feed her, spent time with her
play with her when i am bored
hug her when i sad
brandy, my tears is drops for you.
and you alway be in my heart.
and please dont forget me
remember to bark when you meet me.

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