Thursday, March 4, 2010

cross country

a lot of things happen during the cross country
got happy and got sad
before i say about the cross country
i have to tell and that my two funny friends are behind
and just nice they are NAZREEN AND HIDAYU
hidayu sit on my left
nazreen sit on my right
my left side is super quite
but my right side is super noisy

okay let go to the cross country thingy
but i am kinda of lazy to say about it
and nazreen is crazy now
out of sudden she must laugh like nobody business

oh ya!
i smile at one guy today
and he smile back
and i think nazreen angry with me
cause he the guy that nazreen like

and i feel so embarrassing
i like one crazy girl in front of him
then i fell down in front of him so many time sia
then he look at me, and i also look at him
he look at me like what sia
my heart break sia

nevermind lah
okay nazreen is trying read what i am writing now
got to go

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