Saturday, April 10, 2010

hihi ppl!

sorry, haiss.. long time didnt update my blog le.
busy?? nah busy is just a reason to cover my laziness.
hmmm... you guys also can say that im busy lah but
busy untill i lazy to update:D

i realize that a lot of things happen in this few weeks.
the time passed real fast!!
is april already! have you guys fool your friends during the first day of april?
or you are the one that fool by friends? hahaha
sorry, nothing much on 1th april to me.

but this few weeks and day real happen a lot of things
- my mid-year is coming
- i think he know that i like him
- unknown prank me
- those stupid girls prank me on msn
-busy for nothing
-have problem in my studies
-have problem in friendship
- have problem with a lot of thing but i have no idea what is that..
it seem that i have a heavy heart and no one know it
trying to rest in daddy but worry too much that those things
all the things that i do like have lot of problem.
always so lonely.
friends have mood swing
trying to use my own hand to do thing, but nothing turn good

daddy, i give all my prayer to you
i praise you
i worship you
you are always the best way
you are the one who save me
i worship you
i give thank to you
i give thank to you

you have been lock up so that im free
jesus, i worship you as my lord
i worship you, my lord.

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