Wednesday, May 11, 2011

today i remember about you.
i remember all the beauiful past that you have given me.
It is 100% perfect to me.
you let me been thru all i have to been thru.
you are the reason that i grow up.

you're really beauiful.
i cant have you, but it alright.
i just want to see you smile.
And you really have a beauiful Girlfriend.

no matter you're with who.
your smile are the only things i want.

and i know one day my feeling on you
will fade away one day
just wait until the one day
and when the day comes i will face you with a smlie
and no more heartbreak.
and i hope we will be friend one day

and i know i will not gonna fall for a guy that easy again
im anti to guy now!
mean in the words of "love" no more guy.

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