Wednesday, May 11, 2011

45 days ago, i was talking on the phone with you.
we never see each other face to face before.
it just happen in a random night.
i know that you have find your loves one.
that this few times you asked me did i miss you.
and i said no. the reason i say no is because that you have gf.
other reason is i dont know what is my feeling and heart thinking.

after that you have not call me for long time.
And now i finally know that i miss you.
i miss talking to you on the phone.
now i understand missing dont means love.
missing is just something that you keep thinking of.

Missing can be use in things, human and etc.

although you never call me, but i still hope that you are enjoying your life.
And i hope that your passion in music will be stronger and stronger.
i really Loves your drum.
when your playing the drum is the time that you makes you goes "WOW"
Jiayo! all the best for you everything!

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